Dental Non Disclosure Agreement

The goodwill of a dentist is an important asset that needs to be developed and protected. There are many books, tapes and consultants that help dentists develop their goodwill – marketing and advertising are two proven methods, often recommended. Even after seeing the goodwill of a dentist, it is just as important to protect him. The value can be protected in different ways. First, dentists should recognize their importance and work every day to preserve and expand. This can be achieved through consistent and positive interaction with patients and patients who have a referral. There`s an old expression that says you can do 100 perfect things, but it only takes one failure to ruin your reputation (i.e. goodwill)! Value should be protected by law. In particular, a dental practice should develop well-developed agreements and guidelines, including 1) competition exemption agreements, 2) non-invitation agreements, 3) confidentiality (or confidentiality) agreements, 4) employment contracts and 5) staff manuals.

Non-competitive agreementsIf a dentist decides to leave a dental practice, arrangements must be made in a timely manner to prevent the outgoing dentist from taking advantage of the firm`s goodwill and «stealing» patients and patients who expel patients. These safeguards should bind every dentist, whether the dentist is an employee or a sub-owner of the dental practice. It is likely that patients have developed strong bonds with the outgoing dentist, especially if he or she comes from another generation. In most countries, the non-competition agreement is the agreement of choice to protect the goodwill of a practice. In short, it limits competition by prohibiting an outgoing dentist from opening a new practice or other activity in a dental practice in a specific geographic area for a certain period after the date of his departure. These agreements are difficult to implement if they are narrow to protect the goodwill of the practice, without limiting too much the possibilities available to the outgoing dentist. A size is not suitable for everyone. The legal counsel preparing the non-competition agreement must ensure that the agreement complies with existing government laws and the applicableness of competition bans. Not all states allow non-competitive restrictions on an outgoing worker. Non-invitation agreements Non-call agreements may be even more important for dental practices than non-competitive agreements. Non-requests provide that an outgoing dentist cannot request the transfer of dental services to patients in the office or to patients who refer patients to the office. A non-call agreement should also prevent an outgoing employee from hiring another employee of the firm for the outgoing dentist`s new practice.

A great receptionist can be an essential part of a practice`s goodwill. They do not want a former employee to rule it out.

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